Florian BARTL, Austria, 6 times K-1 World Champion – 81 Kg

I am UK Champion


WKF UK president Andy HOPWOOD confirm the negotiations for a UK Champion to fight in Vienna.


KNOCK-OUT sport promotions is one of the oldest promoter on the European market, with more than 150 events in 30 Years of experience.

Date is April 28th and the event and preliminary fight card is already online as well.

This is an international event with Champions from 4 (!) continents. Live broadcast on the Internet !!!

WKF pro World title in Lightheavy – 81,4 Kg / 179 lbs Jarrod HARROD / USA vs. TBA .

Michal ZAJAC, European Champion, Poland

Intercontinental Champion Patrizia APOLOT, Uganda

Plus female professional World Title in low kick Patrizia APOLOT / UGA in Lightweight – 60 Kg / 132 lbs.

Plus WKF PRO-AM European title in low kick in Lightmiddleweight – 71 Kg / 156 lbs Austrian Alexander KRUPIC challenge current European Champion Michal ZAJAC from Poland.

Plus super prestige fight in Superheavyweight + 91 Kg / + 200 lbs  Canadian KO “lumberjack” Devon PELLY vs. Austrian giant Timo GENC

Plus current 6 times World Champion Florian BARTL and  and many more !!!

If you would have any male/female stand up or any MMA fighter contact WKF UK president Mr. Andy HOPWOOD with profile and jpg of YOUR champion.

Stay tuned !

Updated FIGHT CARD  and all photos in the GALLERY.


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