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Next European Open Cup in Poland, February 21st to 23rd !!!

Posted by WKF UK OFFICE on 12th December 2019

Dariusz ZAJAC, WKF POLAND president

WKF POLAND president Dariusz ZAJAC invite and confirm next




European Cup


Date is 21st to 23rd February 2020 !


open for all countries in the World !




1st qualification for Cairo


Invitation is here !


Registration deadline on February 14th !!!





In Kick-light for juniors 13-18 Years, for men and women in lowkick and K-1 only, in the city Mikolow in Poland.

Plus WKF title fights are on the fight card in the Charity event on Sunday.


YOU think you´re tough ? Come to Poland and prove it !


For further information contact WKF POLAND by mail please


All British teams, fighters and real Champions are most welcome to Poland !!!

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PRO-AM in WKF – real title fights for strong male/female amateurs

Posted by WKF UK OFFICE on 10th December 2019

WKF PRO AM title belt

WKF PRO-AM Champion belt

From the beginning in WKF we split very clearly amateur and pro divisions, in ring sport as well as in PPF and MMA.
Today we are very successfully not only in pro sport but of course in amateur business too.
With great pleasure we want your poster of WKF sanctioned tournaments, with our logo on the poster. We would like to help with online advertising free of charge, short reports with results and JPG after your event would be great.

We just want to remind every WKF country president World wide to send fighter profiles of your amateurs or just non-professional male/female fighters in ring sport.We have same system like in other pro sport in WKF.

We offer the chance to fight in all 4 ring sport divisions for the sought after WKF PRO-AM champion belts. In full contact, low kick, K-1 and Thai Boxing as well as in MMA for amateurs. New is our SANDA division !

Our WKF PRO-AM titles has a great value because of our World wide network with more than 130 member countries you have the chance to fight not only at home. And no fighter will lose his/her amateur status , he/she can fight still on any tournament, any World Championship World wide. And you can be sure just to face another amateur fighter with perhaps 15 to 20 fights and not real pro with more than 100 fights.

The rules and regulations for WKF PRO-AM are easy to understand and waiting for your download. All you have to do is just send your fighter profile and jpg photos like always and we post your team online in the PRO AM World ranking.

Because: only male/female fighter in our WKF PRO-AM World ranking are qualified to fight for our WKF titles.

For further requests or interest on any possible WKF PRO-AM title fights do not hesitate to send just a mail , please.


4 x PRO-AM title fights in Poland by last European Cup !


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Two tough Austrian fighters looking for Uk fights !

Posted by WKF UK OFFICE on 5th December 2019

Florian BARTL, Vienna, Austria

4 times European Champion Alexandra PETRE

Alexandra PETRE is current WKF K-1 Austrian Champion in female Heavyweight +66 Kg / + 154 lbs and one of best WKF young talented newcomer female fighter. In Romania she was best female fighter with 4 titles.

In the last 6 month her management in Vienna, Austria, got many good fights for her around the World.

Just from UK promoters comes so many requests, but like a miracle this fights never happens.

Many apologies and many reasons why this world title “has to be postponed again and again”.

Tired of this promises the Austrian promoter  and manager www.octagon.at is looking again for any upcoming lowkick and K-1 fights. Send your request with photo and profile by mail. Are there no female Heavyweights in UK ???

If YOU are a real and serious promoter and want to invite this young tough girl contact her management, please. Events web site on www.knock-out.at

Austrian young talented 21 Years old Florian BARTL  fight in Lightcruiserweight – 84,6 Kg / 186 lbs.

His fight record today is 29 wins, 18 by KO and just 3 lose. He is multiple amateur K-1 World Champion in few federations. If you have a tough fighter and if you are interested in this fight too send profile and photo to the Austrian promoter by mail.


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Join our WKF – Become member, promoter and official in WKF UK

Posted by WKF UK OFFICE on 1st December 2019


Welcome to our official


WKF – World Kickboxing Federation UK  website !



The World Kickboxing Federation is one of the leading organisations World Wide in the promotion of amateur and professional kickboxing in all styles, Muay Thai and Mixed martial arts hosting professional fighting events.

Our modern and interactive approach to this sport highlights our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest events taking place worldwide.

WKF UK was formed in February 2011, the WKF UK  stresses its strong belief in offering equal opportunities to sufficiently skilled athletes who have practiced Kickboxing, enabling them to display their talents in the National and International Amateur and Professional arenas.

Also to ensure the credibility of their “World Championship” titles and gives these world class athletes an international platform on which to perform.

The WKF is recognized worldwide as a regulating governing  body for amateur and  professional kickboxing. The WKF crowns world champions in seven divisions of martial arts competition. Sanctioning many major title kickboxing events per year over SIX continents, the WKF continues to update rules, train & certify officials and maintain the ratings necessary to recognize both worthy champions and world rated kickboxing contenders in this fast growing and exciting sport.

The WKF UK is open to co-operation with all association’s officials managing kickboxing events and as our unique approach involves dealing with federations worldwide, places the spirit of kickboxing above all obstacles. 

For further information in UK contact and visit our WKF head office website www.wkfworld.com

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You want to promote WKF titles ?

Posted by WKF UK OFFICE on 25th November 2019


WKF – World Kickboxing Federation


IMG_7951was in last months the fastest growing World sanctioning body.

Real events for amateurs and professionals on 6 continents in more than 140 countries shows about the serious activities of our promoter, manager and fighters. See more than 900 posters of our World wide events in our gallery !

Just in 36 month until today WKF has sanctioned more than 300 title fights (!) World wide.

From South Africa to Scandinavia, from USA to Russia, from Canada to Argentina.

In Papua new Guinea, Jakarta, China and Philippines, as well as again 27 WKF events 2018 just on the African continent.



This confirm once again our WKF slogan:


 “we are the real global player”


We have no fakes on our event schedule. Our different male / female World rankings in PPF – Pro Point Fighting, PRO-AM , pro ring sport, Sanda and MMA are top, based on informations we get from our World wide network.


WKF title fight minimum requirements are here, if you want to promote a real World title fight with great value, or for any other request, do not hesitate to contact us by mail.

For amateurs we offer our PRO AM title fights for low costs, for point fighters all over the World we offer PPF – PRO POINT FIGHTING – with international valid ranking lists, both divisions with great value and international recognition.

We offer the chance to fight in all 4 ring sport divisions for our great demand WKF Champion belts.

Here are our 5 pro divisions, with valid World ranking lists, rules, title fight minimum requirements and much more




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PRO POINT FIGHTING the real challenge for point fighters

Posted by WKF UK OFFICE on 20th November 2019


Pro Point Fighting


The idea behind is to upgrade our thousands of semi contact – or point fighting – fighters World wide.

Tournaments on all continents has many competitors.

World Kickboxing Federation offers the Chance to fight for a real pro title with a great value and Champion belt, sanctioned by our World wide federation.

Posted in the weekly updated World ranking and with high value.

Valid with same PPF rules everywhere, same reqirements like in professional Ring sport.

Professional weigh-in a day before, 3 international judges, WKF supervisor, flags and anthem and an amazing belt.

Send fighter profiles of your best point fighters male and female for the PPF World ranking, to get a chance to fight!

If you are interested to promote any PRO POINT FIGHTING title visit our web site and send just a request to our new office by mail.

Para mayor información en Español comunicarce con el señor SUAREZ bajo el e-mail  ppfworldoffice@gmail.com

So many new updates in the PPF World ranking.


WKF Pro Point Fighting belt


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TOP TEN countries in all WKF World Championships

Posted by WKF UK OFFICE on 15th November 2019


This is the Grand total medal record of our TOP TEN countries from

all WKF World Championships in the past !


Leading continent today is WKF EUROPA🙂

First NON European country is WKF ARGENTINA on pos. 3rd    60/61/36

First North American country is WKF CANADA on pos. 11th    16/24/9

first Asian country is WKF IRAN on pos. 15th  15/2/7

Best Africans are WKF SOUTH AFRICA on pos 18th,    9/4/3

Down under WKF AUSTRALIA hold on position 34th  1/ 2/ 3


and by the way, NO UK TEAM is even among the Top 20 in the World ranking !

We hope for bigger and better England, Scottland, Wales and NIR teams next Year in Africa !!!


At home on his own event everybody could be the champion …


but to compete on the highest level, our World championship and to challenge the best fighter of the world – this is a different story.

So many countries attended in the past without any medals, we hope for better luck and more success this Year !  🙂

In total we had 72 different countries attending, next time we expect a new record on countries and fighters.

Any WKF country is welcome in our WKF World Championships in Cairo, Egypt, October 21st to 26th 2020


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Posted by WKF UK OFFICE on 11th November 2019








19st to 26th  October in Egypt





2020 – first time in history on the African continent !

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WKF World wide family – see YOU in Cairo in October 2020

Posted by WKF UK OFFICE on 10th November 2019

WKF World wide directors by the last World Championships in Argentina 2018

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World referee seminar 2020 in Cairo, Egypt

Posted by WKF UK OFFICE on 5th November 2019

WKF World president Fritz EXENBERGER and Middle East Direktor Mohammed DESSOUKI in the last meeting in Casablanca, Morocco

WKF EGYPT  president Mohamed DESSOUKI is the host of the next World referee seminar 2020 on October 16th to 18th. Venue is the amazing 5 star „Hotel Le  Méridien Pyramids“.

This is the perfect weekend, just before the World Championships in Cairo. First time in history since 100 Years on the African continent.


Invitation is here !    

Registration deadline October 9th!


World Championships 2020 in Egypt

We got already many requests from our male / female referees and officials of 6 continents and we hope everybody who would need Visa start in time with Visa procedure.

For details about the World seminar, Visa invitations, any requests about airport transfer, Hotel booking and more contact our Egypt organizing team Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI by mail !

Our update WKF licensed referee list is here ! Many photos of our international WKF referees here ! All rule books in 4 languages and more free to down load here !

All International WKF referees, who not has attended the last seminars in Santorini 2017, Buenos Aires 2018 or Baia Mare 2019 must extend their license 2020 in Egypt. The extended license is valid for three Years again.

Many photos from all seminars and more are here in the gallery!

Next World referee seminar in October 2021 in the Netherlands before the upcoming European Championships !

Please note: without valid WKF license you are not qualified for WKF events !


our seminar Hotel Le Meridien in Cairo

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